Hey people, did you play in Outlast? It is unreal game! Really! And Eddie Gluskin is very sexy)

I tried to make him in Sims 3)

  1. crasrcoss said: ta je hueta :(((((((((((( zato nam ne nadoest igratj v 4ku, a tem u kogo demo etsj nadoest;);););););) hotya kogo ya obmanivaju…

    Voobche obidno ochen!!! ia kak lox. Hochy igru :c ia podozgy ih zdanie v americe ahahahah poka]|[y matreshky! 

It is uncomfortable feel, when you randomly selected player, who have not access to the demo of The Sims 4 Create A Sim Demo.

New set “Mortal Scythe”. I hope you like it) 

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    who could forget you? ;)

Awww :3 Thank you so much! I really love you. You always reblog all my post and comment it. Thank you very-very much!

New Subway Pass Posepack)
I really hope that you remember me) 

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Anonymous whispered: Hi! i love your account and the way you edit, i was wondering if maybe one day you could do a video tutorial of how you edit? that would be amazing!!

Hello! Certainly, why not)

We created many-many poses! It was so difficult, but I really hope that, you like it.

Love you =*


Anonymous whispered: oh my, why did i just discover your blog and downloads now?! its perfect! i envy you on how you edit all your photos. like how do you do it? much love xx

Thank you very much! I really love you too! 
I edit and draw all my screenshots) 

Anonymous whispered: sorry to bother but in post/59883442060/ i was wondering what you meant by liquify/ what to do when liquifiying (??)

Liquify - it is filter in the Ps.
With the help this filter I do my edges so smooth.
I hope, that I helped you.