Anonymous whispered: The day sims 4 gets like poses will you make poses? I love your work ☺️

Yes, of course!

Thank you so much) 

missfortune-sims said: wow °°

visionsofsims said: Looks fab! Can’t wait

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You’re adorable! Thank you :p

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Aaaaaw :3 You are all very-very cute! Thank you) 

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riannadyn whispered: OMG you're baaaack ^_^

Yes, I’m back) Thank you) 

Hi, dears! I really glad to say, that now I feel better. Thank you for your messages. Really very thank you)

So. It is picture my example for my tutorial about my edit. I created my boyfriend in Sims 3 and then edited him. I will talk about “How I edit all my screenshots from the Sims”. Now I am translating my tutorial from Russian language in English. Soon I will post one part. 

Forgive my bad English. I really blush, when I post you big text in your language) 

tumblinrob said: Rest well! :)

Thanks, my dear) I rest) 

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riannadyn whispered: Heyyy! I'm glad you're doing well :) Keep safe!

Hi!) Thank you very much!) I try) 

Hi my friends! My operation was successful!) Soon my health will very good and I will write tutorial!) Thank you all so much for your comments and messages) I love you all) 

simblrkatie250 said: Hope everything goes well <333
Oh thank you so much, dear!) I hope too) 

“you can tell a lot about a person from the music they listen to. put your music device on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that play without skipping. then claim 10 victims. (tag 10 people.)”

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1) The NeighbourhoodAfraid

2) Twisted JukeboxIntoxicating

3) Massive AttackParadise Circus

4) ArchiveNothing Else

5) EldersWindtalker

6) My Own Private AlaskaAfter You

7) CrossesBermuda Locket

8) PlaceboPlasticine

9) End Of YouDriving Down The Void

10) Sigur RosHljomalind

I tag:

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riannadyn whispered: Goodluck on your operation dear! Stay strong :)

 I will try to do it! Thank you *kiss*